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Originally Posted by branabolic View Post
stock suspension is all about compromise. not everyone buying this car wants it to handle superbly and is willing to sacrifice some ride comfort. aftermarket companies have to opportunity to market to a more focused group of buyers thus allowing them to make a more performance oriented system
Couldn't have said it better myself.
But to clarify... BMW OE is about "good" handling and "good" comfort, whereas aftermarket can be adjusted to be "good" handling and "great" comfort, "great" handling and "fair" comfort, or any combination thereof... BMW aims for the baseline of what consumers will want, and hits it right on the mark.

Now, if you buy a 997 GT3 RS... OEM is going to be roughly as good at handling as any aftermarket setup (well, almost...) because Porsche designs it for a specific purpose

Your 3 series wasn't designed for the track. But you can fix that