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Originally Posted by skimo
Bozo5221 you have discovered my getting a 325 and turning it into a 330 ! I really like chrome everything on the 330, but just dont feel thats its worth an extra 8g... I had that SAME problem when choosing e46 325i vs 330i ...

I am even considering chrome wheels (kinda like the M3 ones )

$450 is way too much for the chrome trim, but i know a place i think i can get them for $90 (dont quote me I am not sure yet). Now they probably wont be OEM, but aftermarkets...for trims who cares!! Now the wheels, i need to do research...

Bozo you said something about chrome mirrors ? where? any pics? please please please

Im in the process of finding out if they are making them for the E90 yet..And if you can get window trim for 90 bucks, go for it!...The quality shouldnt be that inferior to the OEM trim...As for the mirrors, BMW doesnt make a chrome exterior kit, but they do make the titanium one of course..However, there are many people who have duplicated this kit in chrome for the E60's, and E53 X5's...They did for the E46 as well, so I would imagine they are already out there, or will be very soon....

I had the same issue when I was shopping..I wound up getting the 325 as well..I sell a lot of cars, and for the pre-owned market, you recoup a lot more of you money when you sell the 325..Usually PO buyers are looking to get in on the low end of the Bimmer market, which is why I hope youre not getting a 325 with i-Drive..that makes little sense to me, unless you never plan to sell....the next owner wants to pay as little as possible, and you throw an i-Drive mark-up in his face..they'll laugh at you ..on the flip side, just like a 330 with NO bells and whistles...The potential buyer for that obvously has the money to play with and wants more out of his or her car, and you have nothing to offer except stock?...another loss...

Anyway, Ill find out about the chrome kits and let you know...They already make them for the 2005 X series...
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