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What's bothersome to me more than the fact that we have all manner of lights, indicators, and sirens going off that we can't defeat is the fact that there are so many people defending the automakers for doing this. While I understand that to get upset about a feature in your car you can't do anything about is futile, taking an apathetic attitude toward something like this is an indication to BMW that we all like it. Every generation the buzzers and lights and gizmos that yell at you if you aren't doing something the "correct" way get worse. This is a scary thought to me.

I agree with the OP, I have a fuel low light to tell me when I've hit about a quarter tank, a fuel gauge I can read, and a warning tone and light on the dash to let me know that I'm damn close. Why can't we just disable it? They've done MORE than their part in informing us that we're about to run out of gas. What's next? When you get to "10 miles left", your car shuts off to "prevent" you from running out of gas?

Sorry for the rant