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Originally Posted by lkn View Post
are you sure the noise is coming from the interior and not the exterior?
I believe, and others seem to be confirming, that the issue is the door seals. So the noise is coming from between the interior and the exterior.

Originally Posted by freshwhite335 View Post
welcome to 3 series ownership
Strange that my 2006 3 series didn't exhibit this behavior, nor did that of my business partner. And in he three years I've been on this forum (and e90post) I haven't heard about this issue (see below where I eat those words). You would think that, in the fifth year of production, this would have been resolved.

Originally Posted by methodtim View Post
Yes, I have ZCW. Creaking happens from dead stop to about 30-40 mph. Car is dead quiet at highway speeds. I'm going to call the dealership some time next week (not driving the bimmer this week so I'm not going to worry about it).
Mine's the same. I won't be able to get me car to the dealer for several weeks, so please let us know what they say/find. Thanks methodtim!

Originally Posted by s.myrr View Post
My 09 has 3500 miles on it, and creaks all day! I believe the creaks you hear from the doors are from the rubber seals against the frame... mine have subsided some.

Somewhere around my ash tray there is a really annoying rattling sound now... my car rattles more than my 2000 Tacoma!

*but I still love my car*

Here the "welcome to 3 series ownership" comment is appropriate. My 2006 rattled like a 12-year old Grand Am. Once the creaks on my 2009 are sorted out, I'm sure I'll hear all the rattles! But, yeah, I still love my car (and the 2006) too!

Oh, and here, for reference is my post on Bimmerfest: So, apparently, this issue is well known!
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