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Hi David,

Like all the other members, I appreciate all this great information you have put out for us. Thank you.

I am a complete newbie to all of as I was reading your post, a couple of questions came up. First, I think you mentioned that you do this entire detail process twice a what process do you follow in between details, just a wash and some sealant/wax?

Second, I have a question regarding Zaino and its application. From what I understood, the ZPC is to be applied with the PC orbital. When using the Z2 Pro and ZFX mixture, should that also be applied using the PC orbital? I guess where I got confused is that you said to use a foam applicator for the Z2 pro/ZFX and I'm not sure whether that's part of the orbital or something totally different. (again, newbie here)

Third, and I apologize if you mentioned this elsewhere...but what kinds of pads should we buy for the PC orbital? I am also curious as to whether there is any way a newbie could mess up using the orbital?...don't want to harm the BMW in any way.

Having said that, I went through an automatic car wash the other day and I noticed faint scratches on my car . After that, I realized I should take the care of this beautiful vehicle in my own hands. Looking for guidance, I ended up here...and I can't wait to try out the methods you put forth.

Thanks again