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Picked up a 2009 E92 about three weeks ago. Guess I just assumed none of it worked here. Selected traffic info on the way home yesterday and got a message that said, "Currently there are no traffic messages" or something to that affect. I'm hoping that means it works, but I'm driving out in the farmland on the Dutch/German border, so it's difficult to tell. Probably headed to Cologne or Aachen this weekend, I'll try it again and get back to you.

Incidentally, my BMW Assist is most definitely dead. All the options were grayed out, and I got another message telling me my subscription had expired. Odd for a 21 day old car...

Good luck with this, I'd like the functionality I paid for to work also, but our community is fairly small. Not sure BMW will see the ROI, though I'm willing to bet mil/dip sales are about the only sure market they have right now.