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Originally Posted by tron1043
So you read the title, then clicked on the post. Okay, then you took time out of your day to comment on my posts. Which I would add, have resulted in more PM's than any E90 related part I posted in the past. I know you could not have meant your comment as an insult, as surely you are quite content with your "blonde and beautiful" girlfriend. Therefore, being so content, surely you meant the comment as some type of complement. Since you were thoughtful enough to comment on my posts, let me return the favor.

1., while this forum is no thrift store, you feel it is more than an appropriate place to liquidate adolescent toys.

2. How is 'Hitman' coming along for you. Another video game, right? You must be quite the extraordinary gentleman. I mean, to juggle a "blond and beautiful" girlfriend, with a never ending pursuit to find wheels for your car at 'thrift store' prices (;;, and your insatiable appetite for video games. You are quite the play boy.

If you feel that my posts are detrimental to this forum, the marketplace section in particularly, a private message would be the classly way to inform me of your feelings. Or maybe as you put it yourself, "I guess Marketplace doesn't works out well afterall." And in that case, you can keep your comments to yourself.
Wow, somebody's got some serious spare time on his hands! That's some serious research for a witty retort! Good luck with your sale, though. If nothing else, the clothing showing up in the Marketplace is good for a chuckle.
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