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06 BMW 330 vs 03 Audi RS6 ??

Ive got a 2006 330, sport package, rwd with some really good all seasons (mich pilot sport plus) because it snows here occasionally, and its an auto. It has 42000 miles on it, and i really like the size and gas milage, but most of all the way it drives (handling and steering). BUT, to get any more power out of it, my only real options are to get an intake/exhaust, and that will get me maybe 15hp max. So, I looked at an 03 RS6, at first just for fun, but after driving it i loved it. It is SOOOO FAST. really. its FAST. And unlike some Audis, the steering had a good weight to it and was pretty communicative, though not quite like the bmw. The suspension was also very stable, and it did plow more then my car (50/50 vs 59/41) but it was pretty agile considering its size. It also had more room and fold down seats, plus the quattro for snow which are plusses for me. The milage was about 54,000. So, do you think its worth giving up some milage and 3 years to get an RS6 that drives ALMOST as well, and is MUCHHHHH faster and very fun to drive? Im a little worried about maintenance with the audi, especially without a warranty, but mine is up in 8000 miles anyway.