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Talking Fields in great

Sorry in advance for the long reply, but hopefully it will help you guys.
I originally bought my first BMW at fields a few back (04 325i) and have had a mostly positive experience with them in terms of service when bringing in my car for oil changes and such. I wanted to see if the 4 year free maintenance program lived up to what it said so I brought my car in after 6 months and told them that I wanted new pads and rotors and an oil change. They said no problem, gave me a 5 series loaner on the spot with no appointment and did what I asked.

I recently moved up north and live about 2 miles from Knauz in Lake Bluff, so I checked them out first out of convenience for my new BMW. I'm 24, and I drove up in my other car, a highly modded Accord coupe, loud exhaust system and all, wearing a hoody and torn jeans. 5 minutes into walking in the door, I was asked by 2 salesmen if they could help, one of them wasn't even working that day, he was just in to check on some paperwork. I told him exactly what I was looking for, he came back with a price on an 09 328 $500 over INVOICE.

I also stopped by Fields to see what they could do for me. I worked with Broch Gordon, who was very curteous and made the process as simple as possible. I did notice that in general, the sales staff is a bit stuck up there, but not Broch. I very highly recommend working with him. I was able to factory order my car with the exact options that I wanted for just $90 over INVOICE. No this is not a mistake. Invoice was $36,860, I bought it for $36,950. When I ordered the car, BMW had a deal for 0.9% APR. Broch guarenteed me that rate with a pre-approval and made sure that I would get my car delivered on time to qualify. A week before delivery, BMW anounced a new deal for 0.9% APR and first 2 months paid my BMW. I asked Broch if I could get this or not, and he worked to get me this deal. With this, I am paying $1400 under invoice (not considering the tax and destination fee). I was soo impressed that I bought 2 new 09 328s. Upon delivery, he also came in on his day off and went through the whole car from 6pm-9pm to answer any and all questions. He also found a great deal for ceramic window tints. Once again, I highly recommend working with him at Fields. If you guys have any questions about any of this, send me a message.