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Originally Posted by blue2fire View Post
I have nothing but good stuff to say about the RS series. The good thing was that there were only a 1000 imported into the US (from the article). BUT, body parts like the fenders will be incredibly rare, hard to get and it will also be fantastically expensive to maintain compared to the 330i (which prob costs you nothing).

You haven't talked much about your requirements or the budget so i cannot really recommend anything other than warn you about debt inducing servicing.
Well the rs6 was listed at 27500 so im thinking i could get it to 24500 or 24000, especially with the econ how it is. I paid 23,000 for my 330 about 5 months ago and got a pretty good deal, so im hoping i could pretty much do an even trade (I might have to spend an extra 1000 or so depending on what i can get for my car and what i can get the rs6 to). In terms of maintenance on the 330, i have the warranty which i really like the security of, and also because i dont really have the money to pay for and of the $$$ maintenance problems that go along with german cars (Im still in school and dont have a job). I basically want a car that performs as well as possible while still looking decent and being practical enough to go skiing with (i have a rack on my 330) and take people in. Both seem to fit those parameters, which is why im having trouble deciding