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Originally Posted by shabbs
Hi David,

Like all the other members, I appreciate all this great information you have put out for us. Thank you.

I am a complete newbie to all of as I was reading your post, a couple of questions came up. First, I think you mentioned that you do this entire detail process twice a what process do you follow in between details, just a wash and some sealant/wax?

Second, I have a question regarding Zaino and its application. From what I understood, the ZPC is to be applied with the PC orbital. When using the Z2 Pro and ZFX mixture, should that also be applied using the PC orbital? I guess where I got confused is that you said to use a foam applicator for the Z2 pro/ZFX and I'm not sure whether that's part of the orbital or something totally different. (again, newbie here)

Third, and I apologize if you mentioned this elsewhere...but what kinds of pads should we buy for the PC orbital? I am also curious as to whether there is any way a newbie could mess up using the orbital?...don't want to harm the BMW in any way.

Having said that, I went through an automatic car wash the other day and I noticed faint scratches on my car . After that, I realized I should take the care of this beautiful vehicle in my own hands. Looking for guidance, I ended up here...and I can't wait to try out the methods you put forth.

Thanks again
Hey. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the thread.

In between I just wash every 2-3 weeks and every third wash I will apply a coat of Z8 after I finish drying the car off.

You are correct about ZPC, apply with the PC and foam polishing pad. As for Z2/ZFX, I apply it by hand with a smaller hand foam applicator pad. However, a minority of Zaino users do apply Z2/ZFX via a PC and foam finishing pad. I don't do this because it wastes too much product.

This pad kit is good.

I would also get a yellow pad on the side to go along with it.

You won't mess up with the orbital. It's a good tool for people new to detailing. Have no worries.

Car washes with brushes suck. Avoid them. The real key to keeping your car looking nice is to be very careful when you hand wash it. Washing is the 31 cause of swirl marks. Follow my washing routine and your full details will be so much easier.

Hope this helps.