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Originally Posted by SE3P_to_E90 View Post
Ooh, thanks for the information, i'm right by those places. Vin#, i can understand... but if you're in the regular warranty period, why does the mileage matter? I guess higher mileage means higher premium for the upgrade? Still, doesn't make sense to me since the new extended maintenance program will begin as soon as your original warranty expires.

Either way, thanks for the information!

Oh, btw, have you Rallye BMW (in westbury -- the new, ridiculously huge bmw dealership) for the extended maintenance program? I haven't bought my cars at either of those locations, but have received a letter from rallye about their extended warranty programs.
Rallye is the place where I received the first quote of 13xx back in January but since then I haven't been able to locate the sales guy who gave me that quote nor have received the same quote back from different sales people I have spoken to over there

May be you can give it a shot and may get lucky