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Originally Posted by Prez View Post
Allegedly tried to kill.
LOL. Let's see. Damp track, good temp, normal car, long sustained slide.
Hastings in APRIL! Wet track, low temp, race car, .................

This is going to be fun to talk to your instructor after a couple of sessions to see what he thinks of your car. They really have no idea.

Actually I wasn't even talking about your Jeremy. I had a student a couple of years ago that came from a Porsche to a 318 like Nehrus' so he didn't like letting people pass but we were in a slow car. Long story short he had no feel for what the car was telling him so I had to warn him everytime we were going to slide sideways on a freshly wet track and he STILL wouldn't respond quickly. We never spun but a couple of times I was looking at track out through the side windows. Not fun