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Originally Posted by Paul330d
Paris is going to be a disappointment for BMW fans, that's why I won't be going. They will be showing the Z4 coupé, new X3 & the e92, but that's about it. The new X5 won't be there.
Paul, your info is atleast missing two models. We know the Hydrogen 7 Series & new Mini Cooper will be there. You are correct the X5 is not confirmed.

However, last I heard there will be atleast one surprise for BMW fans. There a couple of ideas floating around (everything from X5 to M3) but I guess anythings possible. As with the X5, the 3er cabrio is also completely done. Eitherone would be "technically" show ready, and at the very least likely sitting in a back room during the show.

The show does not technically start until about 1:00a PST on Thursday and goes for 2 weeks. So we have plenty time to speculate about it.


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