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There is a new morse code for bmw twin turbo owners: jb3-R-MAP-7
The pull is phenomenal. When the car is in "D" mode on map 7 it feels hesitant but in "DS" the revs go mad. Floor it and the traction control flashes as the 19" low profiles struggle for traction and launches like a bullet. The sound from the filter and exhaust is amazing!!

Installed the BMS filter kit under an hour. Very easy indeed. Sounds like a BOV under hard throttle. Not sure if the car is faster but the SOUND is hectic!

Put on quite a few miles now on MAP 7 and the car performs flawless and runs much cooler. The exhaust note is richer, deeper, louder and simply fantastic. I have a complete catless (front and rear) system; rissracing down pipes with only the stock rear mufflers.

Another big plus after installing the filter is the clearance between the filter and the BMW performance strut brace. With the OEM filter box the brace did not fit neatly over the box and had to be raised with quite a few bolt washers - i think that is what they are called - which did not give the brace rigidity with too much flexibility. Now with the obstacles out of the way including the washers the brace tighten the front wheels to bite like bulldogs in a corner.

I will eventually settle with map 4 for my daily driving since fuel consumption appears lower compared to stock and considering my daily route to work.

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