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Smile // Presents BMW E92 Graffiti Photoshoot

Been a while since i did a photoshoot.

Wanted to get a shoot done of the car before I get it cleaned up

Photographer: Me
Location Assistant: Andrew Salazar powered with iPhone
Camera: Canon 50D
Lens: Sigman 17-70 2.8
Whitebalance: Custom made Abercrombie Shopping bag torn inside out cause my whitebalance card didnt ship yet. (LOL)

Locations: I'm not telling, but if you're SF local you'll know where I went

EDIT: Car is decaled with sponsor logos cause it was in the SF WekFest Japan Town Show.

Took home 3rd place Best BMW of Show.

Just wanted pics of car before all decals come off

Blurple has her own Facebook page! Follow her for updates and photos!

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