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Originally Posted by SE3P_to_E90 View Post
no offense, but you got milked of your money... why did you even agree to pay $4300? That's just... not smart. Even if you had your brakes changed every year for 2 years, and an oil change every 3000 miles, i don't think it would be close to $4300... If it hasn't kicked in yet, I would go back to the dealer and raise a storm... If they refuse to cooperate, ask them to throw in the extended warranty as well!
No offense taken, I did not realize to do any checks with the extension of maintenance or warranties with bmw. I already spoke to their financial supervisor and has given his word to personally check it himself and will call me on monday. In the meantime, I am trying to read my right to cancel these extensions on my car contract and if they have a deadline before I can cancel them. Just in case their dragging this along so that could kick in and wont have to deal with me anymore.