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Originally Posted by Nikki
i didn't get a chance to go lol. i called them a few times and they never answered. i wanted to know how much it was and make sure they were definitely open. oh well, i will try some other time.
Sorry I missed the post...I know they are open cause I've driven by and they are open on the weekends. I called before and asked for their business hours, but I forget what they said. Doesn't an answering machine pick up and tell you? Anyways, let me know if you do end up going...I really should take mine in. I drove back from Orlando this past weekend, and the front of the car was literally covered in a sheet of lovebugs. It got so bad, I had to pull over to a gas station to clean the windshield because I couldn't see out of it.

Don't worry, I washed it AS SOON as I got home.