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Hi guys,
Just one last bit of info. When evaluating a tun of a car, one of the most important things is consistency. Being able to back up your run, over and over again, means A LOT. It means that the car isn't protesting the way it is running. The knock sensors aren't intervening. The fuel trims arean't sliding around. And everything (intercooler, radiator, charge pipes, etc,. are up to normal temp (not artifically cold). We NEVER show a single-run dyno graph. Simply because it doesn't mean anything anything more than the car made that power once, under one particular condition. While its temping to post an extra strong "hail Mary" run after a loong cool down, with a little extra boost, running a little leaner, etc,., we'd much rather show something that is repeatable and safe. For example, here are the last four runs we made before leaving the dyno today:


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