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WOW! I'm waiting on the sidelines because I want to see what the official specs for the new M3 are going to be, I want to wait for all the 1st year bugs to be worked out, and what mods will be available in the next few years. However, I'm getting more and more excited about the potential of this new turbo setup, mainly because of the testing you guys are doing. Your research and development appears to be very thorough and thank you very much for taking the time to share this information to current and potential e92 owners .

Originally Posted by anidjare
Anyone know what this translates into at the crank. I'm pretty sure Automobile magazine estimated a 20% loss to the wheels based on a comparison with the 330i they dynoed.
FYI - They never dyno'd the 330i that was mentioned in that article . The guy who did the tests told me this himself. How did they come up with 20% drivetrain loss? Its a joke...but lets just say that right now, I trust Shiv's results MUCH more so than Automobile Mag's.