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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu
In first gear, we get virtually no traction at full throttle. In second gear, the car is capable of spinning its wheels as well if the road gets even slightly bumpy. If you drive with the traction control on (yuck), you see that light flash on and off all throughout the first 3 gears
Hey Shiv, regarding traction...what good would the power be if you can't put it down with the loss of traction that you mentioned or the intervening traction control? Would you have to get wider tires to be able to even launch effectively or maybe even R-Compounds? It'd be almost silly to see people chip their cars only to see them just spinning their tires when they mash on the gas pedal (and they will you know). I thought I read in a recent Roundel article that Dinan's supercharged M5 required R-comps because of this. I'm curious about this as I am about the tranny's ability to handle this power. And do you think that the lack of LSD will become magnified with the upgrade, if you don't notice this defiency already?

I know its still very early in your tuning, but in the future, I'd want to know what it would take beyond the software upgrade to fully utilize the power you're getting out of this puppy. I'll be following your progress very closely . Great job so far .