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It's tough to say. Traditionally, V8 motors aren't high/free reving motors like smaller displacement turbo motors. However, times are changing. Take the RS4 for example; it's a v8, but it is well made and revs to 8k.

With that said, turbo motors always have more potential from a tuning standpoint. They are designed to withstand heat, boost, and just downright abuse. Furthermore, OEMs leave a lot on the table with turbo cars, because they can. Generally this happens because the engineering department over-engineers (because thats what engineers do ), but then the marketing department kills the their dreams by saying "this car only needs to make 300hp." And the marketing department has the final word on most things. What you end up with is a motor that was designed to make 450hp, but leaves the factory tuned only to make 300hp. Which is where we step in...

Don't get me wrong the new M3 will be great...but the price most likely won't warrant the extra bells and whistles.

*Edit* Rightnow I think I was typing the answer to your question as you were typing the question itself.

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oh wow. dustin that is just amazing to hear.

I have a quick question. Since you guys are the tuning experts, from a tuning standpoint, would you say 335's TT motor is better to begin with(price to power output) or the new upcoming M3 V8? Obviously turbocharging the V8 is sweet, but that'll cost $$$$$. What is your insight on this?

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