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Originally Posted by rightnow
If it runs better, safer, better fuel economy, more HP, more torque.. Why wouldnt BMW have done this in the beggining? Because its bad for the engine? Sorry, but i find it hard to believe that BMW engineers are worse than tune professionals.
Making power wasn't a challenge for the BMW engineers. Doing that is fairly acedemic. There is nothing special about spitting out 100hp/liter in a turbocharged application. The challenge they, and every other manufacturer, are faced with was fuel consumption and ever-tightening emissions regulations. This is why they ran the car at stoich under boost and not at 12:1. Yes, the stock car will get better fuel economy under boosted conditions than a tuned car. After all, it is making less power and using up less gas by running much leaner. But I suspect most customers are going to be able to live with a couple less mpgs under boosted conditions when the upside is 75lb-ft more torque. Unfortunately, this was a tradeoff that BMW wasn't allowed to make for a number of reasons (fuel consumption targets, M3 canibalizing, emissions standards, etc,.) Fortunately, folks like us operate on a different set of constraints.


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