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Originally Posted by dmfitz82
humm... I know the number I gave them was correct, because they've had to call me about some other issues... Maybe they don't want to take the chance to get a bad score so they are not sending me the survey?
No thats not the case. Neither the SA or the dealer make the call.. BMW does. Its a survey that effects your SA's CSI (Customer Service Index) The way CSI works is you get scored on customer remarks. If you are higher than your districts CSI Score at the end of the month then you are entitled to bonus money. At my dealer it is $25 per car.

For example is your SA had a CSI score of 98.6% by the end of the month and the district was a 97.4% he would be entitled to his bonus money AND any SA's bonus money who did not hit their CSI. If you sell 20 cars a month thats $500 + other SA's which usually amounts to a couple hundred. So that survey is pretty important to a SA. If you crush them your taking upto $700 out of their pocket.