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Thank you dustin and shiv.

This might be slightly off-topic, but today I just talked to a friend of mine who is a hardcore WRX enthusiast. He is very familiar with Vishnu, and local turbo specialist company like Perrin Performance or PDX tuning. I believe he had several Vishnu parts on his rally blue bug-eyed scooby. We had a quick talk and I mentioned how Vishnu is now involved with E9X tuning. He was surprised to find out that a Evo/WRX specialists got involved with BMW tuning. Is there a certain reason why you guys turned to BMWs? I assume its mainly because of the new turbo introduction to the BMW line up.

Just curious. I was well aware of Vishnu Tuning since few years back as a famous Evo/WRX tuning company, and always admired the work you guys have put into.
Thanks for the kind words. Why did we get into BMW tuning? To be honest, for no other reason than I simply purchased the car for myself. And being the self-gratifying bastard that I am, I needed to make it faster. I've always liked BMWs. The always did the things they were designed to do very well. The only thing I found missing on them was an powerful engines. It always seemed like they were lop-sided. A lot of chassis and brakes but not enough power. The 335i changed that. All of a sudden, there was a Bimmer that suited my personal needs. Of course, I come from the land of 400-600hp Evos and Subarus so my needs may not exactly be conventional.

are they doing this to give us 330 folks an opportunity to come close to the newer 335 horsepower
At this point, we don't have any plans for anything other than the 335i. We could certainly apply the same tuning effort to the 330 but, without the turbos, the returns are going to be much smaller. One day, if there is enough demand, we can certainly take a shot at it. But now, with so many projects on our plate, we can't commit to it.

All this is supposed to be "warranty" safe, in that BMW will not be able to detect the presence, or the prvious presence of this ECU upgrade? Can you actually prove that?
The Xede is not an ECU upgrade or a "chip". It's a entirely seperate computer that interfaces withi your engine wiring harness. It does not replace or modify the factory ECU in any way. In fact, the ECU doesn't even get unplugged when the Xede is installed. And yes, we have mapped the Xede so that the inputs and outputs the stock ECU sees are well within stock parameters. It does not see the revised AFR. It does not see the higher boost or the 3rd boost control solenoid. It does not see the tweaked ignition advance table. All the changes we induced are done through a nifty combination of sensor recalibrating and parallel control. The ECU is doing its usual thing with no knowledge of any such changes. I have gone to the dealership a number of times to get my ECU data pulled and nothing has showed up. We're very careful with this. This is the reason we didn't consider developing an ECU reflash for this car.

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