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Dark colors for lazy bums: best advice?

There is so much info on this and other forums regarding the care and feeding of Black and very dark colors. So far I've read that Zaino and the California Car Duster (?) are 2 must have items.

Can anyone give me advice on how to keep the car clean, relatively swirl free, etc? I will park in my garage at night and am careful to avoid puddles etc. Is the Calif duster really a good thing to do each night? Does it hurt the clearcoat?

I love black (I'm changing my order from TiSilver to black) but I don't want to be a total slave to the car. My last 3 series was Jet Black and it only went to car washes (dumb). My TiSilver 5er only gets hand me. I think I have the time to deal with it but would like some hints from all the experts here on how to do this without spending 2 hours every Sat morning.

Thanks in advance.

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