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Originally Posted by silvrevo
Nice shot of your car justbe,,,,,,,,, and great color too!!!!!

Keep up the good work Shiv,,,,,

Cant wait for the videos. Hopefully you get a shot of some nice long tire marks left on the pavement!

So your partner was saying his evo with cams+ supporting mods, tbe, ect and all ,except larger turbo, will be looking at 335i tail lights ,,,,

is this your feeling too?

Yes, as a fellow EVO 8 owner, I'd like to know this too... I find it very hard to believe a basic-tune 335i is faster than a IX with all the mods....

Of course, this block does not have the history that the 4G63 does, so we'll see what happens.

Also, you should know that BMW's are not known for having "lots of brakes" LOL. You might want to call StopTech or Brembo if you're planning on taking it to the track.

If I sound a a little pissed ... well, I have a stock EVO8 as my daily driver, a new Mz4 Coupe and I'm on the list for the V8 M3... wouldn't you be pissed too if you were reading about 330+whp 335i's????

Congrats though on laying the smack down on Steve DINAN! LOL!!! :rocks: