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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu
Making power wasn't a challenge for the BMW engineers. Doing that is fairly acedemic. There is nothing special about spitting out 100hp/liter in a turbocharged application. The challenge they, and every other manufacturer, are faced with was fuel consumption and ever-tightening emissions regulations. This is why they ran the car at stoich under boost and not at 12:1. Yes, the stock car will get better fuel economy under boosted conditions than a tuned car. After all, it is making less power and using up less gas by running much leaner. But I suspect most customers are going to be able to live with a couple less mpgs under boosted conditions when the upside is 75lb-ft more torque. Unfortunately, this was a tradeoff that BMW wasn't allowed to make for a number of reasons (fuel consumption targets, M3 canibalizing, emissions standards, etc,.) Fortunately, folks like us operate on a different set of constraints.


PS. Good God Dustin! Look at the time. Don't you have work tomorrow?
So if I put your software in a 335i and drive like a normal person, would I have worse fuel economy then the stock model?