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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu
Thanks for the kind words. Forgive me for my lack of memory.. were you operating the dyno at Engine Logics? Or do I have my dynos mixed up? Regardless, nice to see you here!
I forgot the name of the dyno shop, but I think it was one of your first dyno tunes in Houston and the place had horrible ventilation. I came along with Resonance in the white EVO and just helped out where I could... so I worked the dyno at night for about 4 hours as things were moving a little slow. If I recall correctly... you worked from 10 am all the way till about 2 am... surprised you didn't die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning

I heard about the gains that were possible with Meth from Cajun Power, so I just had to ask... but can't hide that one Has the 335 thrown a check engine light yet or has it remained quiet? I know in the EVO's they had tendency to throw a code occasionally but that was usually with alot of mods or an old xede firmware. Thx.