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No, I meant that keeping the same size tires, adding on inch to the rims would increase the distance from the car to the to the road by 1/2", making the car 1/2" taller.

Example: Naturboy is running the same aspect tires as me 235/35. But, his are on a 20 inch rim making the overall height of the tire 1" taller than mine, so running his rims on my car would jack my car up 1/2". He has the sport package and I don't, so if I ran his rims my car would be .6" to .75" taller than his.

Another way to think of it is that the 20" combo is 6% taller than stock 16", while the 19" combo is 2.4% taller than the stock 16"

As for your last question, do you mean how much ground clearance do I have? If so, it is almost the same as stock, maybe a few mm higher. Will take pics and measure later.

BTW...I think that running any less sidwall than the 235/35 has is too much of a risk, but that is just my opinion.