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335i vs Mustang GT ?

Hello all, i have been monitoring these forums for about 1 year now , and finally have decided to create an account. I currently have a V6 mustang and my lease is up in about 2-3 months. I'm having trouble deciding on what car to get next. The 335i seems to be a perfect blend of performance, luxury, and looks. However i have read quite a few horror stories about people having lots of problems with their 07 335i's ( HPFP, Head gaskets, Turbos, etc.) The reason why this pertains to me is becuase the only way i can afford a 335i is if i was to get a used one. On the other hand i could order a brand new 2010 mustang gt exactly how i want. I haven't had one issue with my current car and like to think that that's how the next one would be . But if some of you could chime in on how your experience with your car has been it would be greatly appreciated. And what you would do in my situation.