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Originally Posted by jeremyc74 View Post
If you do decided to go with the Mustang, wait until next year. It's getting an engine upgrade to 350Hp +, and it's not just a tune and a few easily replaced items. IIRC they're actually upping the displacement a little, and it's getting revised heads.

The 335i is a great option, but if you're going to be streatching the budget to get it, the Mustang might be a smarter move. There's plenty of aftermarket support for either, but the Mustang is going to cost you less if you break something.
LoL yea id die if i got a car out of warranty and had tons of issues. As for the new motor although it sounds great , i cant extend my lease for more then 2 months at a time ,for a total of up to 6 months. And as good as the motor may be i just cant wait that long + all the performance parts are out now for the 4.6 motor . But yea in my logical side of the brain i think picking up the mustang may be a smarter move . But then my other side kicks in