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Originally Posted by ///AV_330i View Post
Really? Yeah i think my 330 handles better than my dads 335 too, his is an xi though. Was your s6 unreliable? And have you chipped your 335? Im thinking i could get it to the same performance as the rs6, but it might be just as unreliable if i mess with it that much
My S6 was the older 20v version with a lot of euro upgrades and engine mods (RS2). Engine would last forever but the car seemed to be costing me a couple of hundred a month even with myself doing much of the work. I would have liked a RS6 also. I've never driven one but imagine that it is faster than the 335 with a piggy back. But of course would not handle the same on back roads. Yes I could have afforded to buy one but my wife would never put up with the maintenance which I would become readily apparent after she was taking me to the dealer once every 2 weeks. I imagine my old independant audi mechanic would refuse to touch a RS6.

I think that the system that controls the active suspension (DRC?) on the RS6 is not covered by the extended warranties. This is usually a $4500 fix and is known to only last about a yr. There was some hoopla on audiworld that A0A is going to acknowledge that the units were defective and is going to reimburse the owners. I think that you have to find one with less than 50k to be able to get a good extended warranty and it would probably run at least $3500. I used to see a lot of them for sale right at about 50k which is when their is a major service due (read $$). Just to change O2 sensors requires an engine pull which is something like 12hrs for just the engine pull.