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My response to this(and I am not a metalurgist and I suspect we do not have one on this forum so we are all guessing) is that I think there are two components here for me... One is comfort in knowing I have clean oil and filter in my car.(It is without question one of the easiest and cheapest pieces of insurance you can do to make your engine last to its potential. That is almost inarguable.) Secondly, I have always been of the opinion that the first several thousand miles on an engine produce the most debris and particles inside the crankcase. If a $70 oil change can get rid of that. I think its a no brainer.. Of course the other side of that is, because this engine uses synthetic oil that lubricates at such a high level, is it just as important to leave it in to ensure the parts do break in correctly???? That I think is the answer we are looking for..