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Originally Posted by silvrevo
You know BMW looks at these forums, and you can pretty much bet they have seen this thread. I wonder what they are thinking?

My first thought is,,,, Looks like this Shiv guy just shot us in the foot with our soon to be released M3 V-8. Basically matching the hp numbers with a simple piggy back.

Or, Hons... "we need to hire this guy to work for us"!


Looking forward to some tire smoking vids!

"Simple piggy back?" I'd agrue that the Xede has seen more development time than any other engine control system (standalone or piggyback) that I've used. The software, for instance, had be flexible enough to provide us with the tools necessary to solving all problems that OE mapping throws in our way. It gives us the ability to actually "nest" maps within other maps which, in turns, opened up a whole new world of conditional tuning that wasn't possible less than a year ago.

As for BMW calibration engineers, they could certainly have done what I did, in a number of different ways. However, they are shackled by a number of emissions constraints that done apply to folks like me But thanks for the kind words!