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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
You do realize that the PROcede had full control over the wastegates too? But instead of trying to implement an engineering exercise, we decided to actually tune the engine properly. Targeting X boost pressure across the board is silly when one actually has the ability to map boost properly and have it complement the natural pumping efficiency of the engine.

If you want to discuss this or other things related to the Standback, start another thread and invite me to participate.

Really? "natural pumping efficiency of the engine?"

So you're claiming the natural pumping efficiency of the n54 is complemented by spiking boost to over 16 psi for ~200 rpm, then dropping it to ~13.7 for another 500 rpm and then ramping slowly back to a choppy 15 psi before tapering back to 13 again. That's very interesting. How did you determine the "natural pumping efficiency of the engine?" I assume that's rpm based and documented somewhere. Amazing that you've come up with this while every other turbo application is "complemented" by a nice flat boost curve.