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Keep in mind that an evo dyno isn't apples to apples.

It's a small engine spinning a large turbo, it takes time ( and a few thousand rpm ) just to reach full boost.

You can't presume that the evo torque curve starts low because it's desired that way (I had one, it's NOT desired. The car is seriously _DEAD_ below 4k rpm, a CRX will haul out faster than an evo below 4k rpm...).

The 335 can do full boost very early. That is a really awesome feature that there is no need to dismiss.


dadasracecar <<
I misunderstood your post, I thought you said the evo curves were not flat [because of the large ramp at the start]. But now I see that this post is OT to yours, you were actually saying that they *are flat*.

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