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Originally Posted by Z22Z View Post
About a week ago my car threw a code saying left brake light malfunction. I turned the car off to go call my friend out to check it out and when I started the car again the code went away. The lights were working fine and I didn't get another code until today. I checked the lights out and they were working fine, there are no loose connections, and the code only went away after I parked for about twenty minutes only to be thrown again. What could cause this to happen and what are possible fixes?
There are 2 bulbs in each brake light, so 4 total (2 on the driver's side, 2 on the passenger's side). It's possible that one of the 2 bulbs on the left brake light is dying/dead, but you just didn't notice it when you looked because the other one was still properly lit. See if that's the case, because I had the same experience.