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Intake B/S and a logical thought

I have read through a lot of the threads before joining this forum and maybe I am wrong, but once in my third year of school I heard a theory that a man named Benolli (if I remember right from 28 years ago) stated: With speed pressure drops and vise verse.

Now I know it is fluids he is refering too, but since computational fluid dynamics and aerodynamics go hand in hand doesn't this explain why all our fancy aftermarket air intakes don't deliver the goods? Ram air creates speed and therefore pressure drops! ( To explain, I live at 5600ft altitude so I make 90hp on the wheels, but at sea level I make a 100hp. )

What I learnt with racing bikes (BMW included) was it wasn't the ram air but taking the air from a high pressure source that really makes a diffrence. Before you jump on me for the bike reference, I am a national racer with 4 wheels and I work as an advanced driving instructor for a german manufacturer. Bikes are my hobby!

My idea is create a high pressure zone behind the kidneys, easily done, which doesn't obstruct the radiators yet gives our engines lots of slow moving (high pressure air) which is also cold and not heated. As I am very new to E90's, but have been driving BMW ever since I started working for them in 2001......oops that slipped out.

It won't cost $50 dollars but using simple physics should see a healthy increase in cold air (sort of like the BM performance intake taking air from the windscreen idea). Must admit, it worked on my K12's everytime but I still need to install a similar idea on my 320. Will do soon and keep everyone posted of the results.

P.S: The best counter you can throw at me is ram air forces more air into the intake, but lets think logically, how much will those little scoops in front of the radiators really supply and at what pressure? Also how much radiator surface area you loose through less area and wake turbulance disrubting the air?

Pm me if you curious about my idea!