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Originally Posted by NJ65 View Post
Hey Ramos,

glad you enjoying the intake. I'm the other guy in the green shirt that was there. Car feels much perkier now huh? Funny thing, I heard you got freaked the first time you revved it up and heard that whooosh, lol.

BTW, nice garage. Wish I could keep mine that clean.
Thanks man.. it was nice to meet you... beautiful car..
I painted the garage myself and put in the epoxy flooring also, not as durable as I had hoped.. a few spots are torn up already..
I do keep it clean as I keep my dog in there when it is not too hot... Can't have too much stuff lying around for him to chew on !!!

The whoosh sound is pretty cool, only there around 3K RPM when you floor the throttle, so it is not intrusive or annoying at all