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Originally Posted by MarkE90M3
Bimmian sucks, they have a track record of screwing over many enthusiasts, myself included
I agree,I paid for 3 items for my e46/M

1. one iem was a $25.00 mount w/ phone/ipod holder for the dash trim.
They shipped 2 items ok, the holder thing was only a mount (holder missing).
Called Friday said they shipped monday,

2. double charged me of one item by $15. (if I didnt check my online bank, thet would have gotten away. Took couple of days to get credit back)

3. two week later, no phone holder, they said it takes 3 wks to ship. (that would be a month if it comes true, and I paid FedEx money? )

.... Complained that they are selling items that they dont seem to have (maybe backorder) I paid fedex money why should I wait for weeks.

4. Request to return, the stocking fee was outrageous, the process was tedious, w/ alot of restriction that if you dont follow, more money we be taken.

5. Plus they shipped my item from New York, but the return place is in canada, they even asked for me to put the package value to zero, so they dont have to pay customs fee. but your f*cked for your item is worth zero you have no way to claim.

6. they are liars! w/ a friendly tone and gestures.
if they dont produce the item, Im glad i'll be only out $20-25.

7. whats weird is when you get your purchase invoice via email, the prices you paid are missing, along side shiipping cost. So, that when you call them for problems theres no true way of figuring out what you paid for those items. w/c makes it confusing, for they work on confusion. Confusion is delay and more of your money they can hold

8. I dont know if I will ever get my missing part, but Im not holding my breath.

Stay away from these clowns guys, they are unreliable and shady these are cheats IMO and works of Confusion. Yes! the confusion they create to delay your item, hold you money longer, and frustrate you when you like to refund.

Watch out for big ticket items purchases, if I cant trust them with $30-40, would I for future big ticket items

Originally Posted by Ryan@Eisenhaus
Bimmian is under new ownership and all is good now
BOHICA ! Bend Over Here it Comes Again

ez for you to say when yur not on the short end of the stick

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