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Smile Perception of MBZ is not always reality

Originally Posted by kahala12 View Post
Hi Onesixeight,

I live in the area as well, I have had a 330 for a little over a year, with nothing but problems with it, I must bring it into bmw of honolulu as least once every 2 months for a "new surprise" lucky it is under warranty. But never the less, they always tell me that loaner cars are scarce, and most of the time I have a shuttle or if less than a day, and if I need a car to drive I have to foot the bill for a rental from enterprise. The few times you are able to get a loaner its a 3 series. But anyway I have ordered a new 330I with some hestitaion as far a reliability and might hop over to mercedes since they have a fleet of loaners, as I still have not taken delivery of my car and my deposit can be refunded.Does you salesperson make sure you have a loaner or is it just within the realm of the service dept?.I would like to know, so I can address the issue before I take the keys.


Sorry to hear that you are having so many problems with your 330i, but thinking about getting into an MBZ would be a downgrade in my humble opinion. Let me elaborate. When MBZ bought Chrysler, MBZ got the short end of the deal. Chrysler engines and other major parts got better due to MBZ cross platform theory and engineering. Chrysler jumped in quality where as MBZ QA went down quite a bit. Although I no longer live in Honolulu, but I see more and more Chryslers on the road and believe it or not some of them are ex-Benz owners. I currently drive a 2008 M3 convertible and owned it for about a year. Fortunately I haven't had any problems. The M3 is my 9th BMW in 15 years and I have to say nothing drives like a BMW.

Several reasons why MBZ I would think three times before buying a Benz.

-High Price tag compared to the comparable, bad resale value
-Quality assurance isn't like what it used to be.
-Oil change and maintenance, you foot the bill. at least BMW covers maintenance for 4/yrs 50K miles.

Give BMW another chance, I think of buying a new car just the same as meeting a new companion, She's has to look and feel good, Intelligent, low maintenance, and most importantly FUN to be with. I know you don't get that in an MBZ. How do I know? I just get into my friends MBZ.

Good Luck.

BTW, The problem with the loaner availability? Whenever you get called for a survey on your visit, always give them a bad score on the convenience of your visit. If they don't recieve all 5's on their score they will not get the $150/ customer visit and BMW dings them for the overall annual bonus at the end of the year. The outcome would be that the GM will call you personally to have you share your unpleasant experience.