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8 MONTHS????!!! Wow that would suck. What all are you getting done? As for the meet I'd be down but aren't you in IC? Sometimes a group of us go for a nice drive in the morning but it's usually a last minute type of thing. Then there's always the regular club thing with the "older" members and their 5 series. LOL Not that I'm that young, but when I'm having dinner with a doctor or lawyer, we aren't going to have much to talk about. Unless maybe the lawyer could help me out of another ticket or the doctor could cure me from an injury sustained while working on the car. They don't wanna talk about the latest track I've driven, last mod I did, or what I plan to do to the car in the future. LOL And I don't wanna hear about their job unless they're doin' the secretary, but his wife sitting next to him doesn't need to hear about it so I don't GET to hear it. LOL