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335i sstt vs 135i stock

My friend and i decided to have a run or two today after i installed the sstt just to see the difference, there was five of us at the time and me having the more powerful car decided to take 2 passengers while he only takes one, all three passengers are pretty heavy 170+ lbs. plus the extra weight of my car compared to his 1er. So, its three people in my car including me, and two people in his car including the driver. We went from a roll 30mph and i was in 2nd gear (he said he was in 1st), 3 honks, and he got a slight jump about half a car and stayed that way all the to about 100mph. I was a little surprised thinking i would have beat him even with practically a full car, second time we went from 20mph 1st gear roll and again he got a split second jump but i managed to hold it just a bit closer this time but he still won by barely half a car and this time i was slightly more shocked i thought for certain i would beat him in first gear. i guess weight really is the enemy in this case because a 335i with TT is supposed to beat a 135...right? going to have a rematch again soon.