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Originally Posted by Bnewkidd View Post
I'm new to the BMW world and started with a 2009 328i with the premium package. Originally wanted the Xenon lights but was not available for the model in stock. Of course I was already in love with the car so I took it anyway. I was looking for a conversion kit and came across the Rikensport 993FX. I'm concerned because this item does not include the 2009 model in its crossreference tables. I would like to know if soemone has had a previous experience with this kit and if the installation is trully a plug and play.
I got my HID kit from Retro-Solutions, LLC. As a matter of fact I got 2 kits, a 6,500K for my S4 and a 4,500K for my A4. Great company and product, fast shipping, they stand behind their kits 100%. E-mail or talk to Todd Strong for more info:

Get the 55W DIGITAL HID kit and add a few $ for LIFETIME WARRANTY, you will not regret it

My advice to you is to get a pair of HID headlights (so you can get the projector lamps) and then buy the true HID kit with the D2S bulbs. There must be quite a few HID headlights for E-90 BMW's on E-bay or recyclers (junkyards).