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Originally Posted by samps View Post
If your dyno is any indication of what I have right now, I'm very disappointed. WTF?

Not to say that I'm not happy with my car...I love my car. I do realize that I could be making much more power with Procede or JB3. However, I did purchase Dinan prior to knowing anything about the aforementioned piggybacks, and I'm glad that I'm covered under warranty.

Shameful (on Dinan). Even with 18% (high IMHO) claimed loss through an automatic transmission, that's estimating 371 at the crank. What happened to the so called 384? Yes, I realize that 384 is supposedly with their free flow exhaust. If I'm not mistaken it used to be 384 with just the Stage 2 flash.

I would be satisfied with 325 whp with Dinan Stage 2.

325 whp @ 15% drivetrain loss = 382 at crank. WITHOUT exhaust!
It's more 12% MT and 14-15%AT
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