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I agree, I think it's def running rich! I don't know if it's part of the tune, or if something's up, but I forwarded the dyno results to my SA, and will chat with them sometime soon...

When I spoke to the guys at the Dyno place, all of whom are tuners (mainly Subarus), but well informed, well recognized and respected tuners in Toronto, they were quite impressed with the gains, and I told them what the Crank numbers that were advertised by Dinan. Those dudes told me that I should expect an 18% DT loss in a REAR wheel drive vehicle because of the longer drivetrain......but I hear so many different things, I don't know what to believe....

With regards to that dip at 2-3k rpm, YES, I do feel it, it feels like lag, hhaah....I actually didn't feel that when I initially flashed it, and I wonder if my HPFP is starting to fail a bit cause I've been getting longer cranks as of late, and if you saw a thread I started a few days back, when I took it to the dealer, they said there was a "low pressure fault", but the service tech was directed to "reset the adaptation"....but I still get longer cranks (slightly) on cold starts.......that could also be why it's running so rich???

At the end of the day, dyno numbers are SO flippin variable, I don't look at them anymore from anyone unless a person has a pre and post from the SAME place. that's why I did my Dyno pre flash and post flash from the SAME place, the only parameters that were different were 1.) the flash 2.) the temp (which was outta my control). If I put on my summer tires and lightweight Morr VS8s, the numbers probably would've been better. I do think that 40hp and 60tq gains are quite respectable all things considered, and like I said, I'm happy with it....and bear in mind that this is an E93 we're talking about, which is about 400lbs heavier than the coupe......

Buttt, I do want to speak with those guys, and have them check out my hpfp again.....

Anyways, I just wanted to contribute to the community......
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