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Originally Posted by canucklion View Post
OK, enough indulgence in this nonsense, time to burst another bubble.

Since you hadn't bothered to search, here's a good thread summarizing the available chips, including powerchip, for the NA engines.

Chip ECU Flash Summary

What do all these chips have in common? fail.
Well, for your information, I have done much search with no success.
I have already visited the link you provided long time ago, and all of the links are either for turbo engines or 325/330. None of them has one for 328i. Plus, there's no mentioning of Powerchip in that link you provided.

I am not sure why you're so negative about something I would like to enjoy. If you don't like what you see, then just don't bother looking at it. There are many people, including me, who are interested in this stuff, and I just wanted to share the news with them. It's obvious you aren't one of them.
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