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Originally Posted by 92tripleblack View Post
I cover the whole state. You don't want to live in Clearwater if that is your region. That would be a nightmare. From Orlando you can reach most of those locations in one hour. Clearwater in 90 minutes, Jax in 2 hours. If you lived in clearwater, cocoa, Melbourne, JAX, etc. would be 3-4 hours. I am in Windermere. We have half the PGA tour here including Arnold Palmer and Tiger. Lots of stars and sports guys too. Lower insurance and house prices are good. 1 hour to a beach on either coast and easy access to all the major highways. It's basically the crossroads for the state. It also borders the Disney property on the eastern side of Disney, between Disney and Universal. I'd look at Heathrow, Winter Park, Windermere if I were you. Skip living on a coast unless you want lots of hotel time. I'm home every night.
I hear you but most of the people are in the Clearwater area. If I have to go to Jacksonville its far no matter what so Hotel anyway.

I like Orlando, but I want to be on the water.