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Originally Posted by gos View Post
Frankly, I'd rather have a Friday-afternoon car from US workers than from German workers.
Silly monkey, German workers don't work on Friday afternoons, everyone knows that............

The Japanese manufacturers have shown that with proper manufacturing equipment and methods, the US worker can make cars of excellent world quality.

The European maufacturers who manufacture here have, after an initial period of adjustment, done very well and produce high quality SUVs and cars here (Mercedes with the M and G line, BMW with the X5, soon X3 and previously the Z line).

VW has shown that when the corporate will is not there, even German workers can make clunkers, as VWs build in Germany had piss-poor build quality that made ven the Germans cringe (issues which are being addressed with the current generation Golf etc).

So the issue of building here from a quality perspective is a non-issue.

If you really want a car that is made in Germany, fine, that is a personal preference.
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